Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011

WELCOME to the NEW YEAR of 2011!!  My how did we all get here so fast?

I just celebrated my 65th Christmas!!  I can remember so many many Christmases!!  But when you get to thinking that you have celebrated 65 of them it really makes you stop and think!!  How did I do that when I really do not even feel 65???

This new year brings with it a birthday for me this next month.  I have enjoyed being 65!!  Sure I hurt in more places than I thought that I had but I still do not feel this age.

My parents will be 87 and 93 this coming year...My kids are now 38; 43 and 46!!  Our oldest granddaughter is 21!!  I should be those ages not them!!  Time just does not stop.  It just keep marching on and lately it seems to be marching with a quicker step!!

We are still living with our daughter and her family.  We still have our 1 bedroom with things piled all over it.  I figure that soon it will be piled up all 3 walls in here.  Mike, Roger and Bill have been trying and trying to get our apartment in the basement done but so far we are still waiting!!  We were hoping for Christmas.  When that did not happen we are now trying for my birthday in February.  Our 47th anniversary is in a couple of weeks.  We will not make that date I am sure.

The work is down to sanding of the walls; finishing up the ceilings; painting; and carpet.  Does not sound like much but when you work all of the time like Mike does then it is hard to find the time to do much on it.  He tries and I tell you I am so lucky to have such a sweet and wonderful hubby!!  Those of you that have read my blog know how much I LOVE my hubby!!  He works all of the time just to keep us going!!  What a man!! 

My dad has not been looking or doing good and has worried me.  My mother is trying to care for him alone.  She will not accept any help.  She believes that was her vow when they were married almost 67 years ago this month.  I completely understand that.  My brother and I just hate to see her going down too.  She is 6 years younger than my dad.  I went yesterday and they were both looking and doing well.  Dad just has bad days.

We had snow for Christmas here.  On Christmas EVE we had a big snow.  Around 5-6 inches arrived to make our Christmas a WHITE one!!  We had a lot of family around and that is what is always so important to me anyway.

This is a picture of our backyard here in Illinois as the snow was falling!!  It is always so pretty but then it causes so many problems for people.  This makes me miss Savannah even more.

We have not really got in the swing of our life here and I don't think we will until our little apt is done and ready for us to move in.  We need space for ourselves with our things around us.  Maybe it is just me that needs that.  Anytime you get to thinking that you don't have it good just remember how hard it is when you do not have a home to call your own.  It is very hard...believe me!!

Just wanted to catch up some.  This is not a great post but I have blogged once again..ONE more time anyway.

I am enjoying doing water aerobics at the Y now!!   I am in a great class..Love it.  I go 3 times a week!!  I also attend BSF (Bible study fellowship).  We are working on Isaiah now.  It is a hard but a very challenging book!! 

Take care!!


Thougth for the day: " Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance"