Monday, April 18, 2011

Only a few more weeks and hopefully I will be back to walking!!  I have NEVER missed something so bad in my whole life.  I have always been someone that walks fast and drives fast.  Everyone is telling me that I have to learn to SLOW down.  When you have been used to doing things quickly now they tell you to slow down.  HM!!

Through this whole experience I have went from surprise to a very low depression.  I have an awful problem of claustropbia.  It just seems to be getting worse as I age.  I have been very confined lately since I fell and broke my ankle.  I cannot walk and that really does confine you. 

It finally got so bad that I had to have some medication to make it through each day.  The cast can be very tight and along with not being able to walk that equals into a depression for me.  My cast is now off and I am in a BIG black boot (very fashionable).  It is 100% better than a cast for sure!!

Through all of this I have tried to look for the blessings.  Along with that though I have noticed how I feel.  Being in a wheelchair just seems to open up your eyes to all that is around you.  Trying to get into a door at a store or a bathroom, sitting and having to look up at everyone as they stand around you talking (feel like a little kid again).  Trying to go into church and realizing that the aisle in front goes straight down and my brakes do not work like that.  Trying to get into a bathroom and the door will not completely open or at least will not let me in right away.  The handicap bathrooms are wonderful.  In a car, the handicap placard is wonderful.  One thing though that I have noticed is that there are lowered levels on the sidewalks that are extremely important.  With this handicap I will never look at people in wheelchairs and on crutches the same again!!

I have learned several lessons.  Be kind to everyone that need help getting in a door...etc.  I have always done that but it makes me look even more at these people and want to help them more.  I have learned that Patience is quite a goal.  I have had to endure this painful word every day now for 5 weeks and counting!!  I have learned family is wonderful.  What I would have done without my family...well I just cannot imagine that.  I have had great care from everyone.  My hubby is my hero!!  Always has been and through all of this he has taken the best care of me.  He cooks, washes dishes and clothes.  I cannot thank him enough. Our oldest granddaughter, Brie, stepped in right as I got home from the hospital.  She was just a dear helping me do things like a shower.  Poor girl!!  I felt sorry for her to have to see more of her grandmother than she should EVER have to see.  She is studying to be a nurse someday!!  She is going to be a gem at it!!

As I said, today is my 5th week on this long long journey!!  It sounds like I have about 1 more month before I will be standing up and walking.  I am really looking forward to this!!  WHEW!!  Just to walk again!!

Now next I am facing a rotator cuff operation!!  Will this "LUCK" of mine ever quit???  I am hoping to put it off for a little bit!!  I need to get back to walking and being me for a bit.  I have heard that it is not so bad...Guess I will see!!

That's the big news from me now.  Yeap I am rambling but that is what I do best!!

Thought for the day:  Handle your present with confidence.  Prepare for the future without fear.  Keep the faith and drop the fear. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Handicapped in Illinois

Since my last post I have had 2 casts!!  The first one was purple and all autographed in silver I have a Daisy Yellow one (autographed again).  I wanted a bright cast to maybe make me feel more Springy.  I would like to tell you that it worked but I can only take so much of this sitting around and not being able to walk.

You know when life seems to be so normal and we maybe even think it is boring...we wonder!!  But let me tell you that once that s taken away from you...then normal seems like the best of all worlds.

This broken ankle (right) and sprang ankle (left) really are gettting to me after these past few weeks.  I am going on 4 weeks now.  I want to get up and walk.  My sprang ankle hurts a WHOLE lot more than my operated one in the cast.  I have found out that you can only read so many so many movies...sit only so long and then it all becomes derpessing.  I have heard it said that a spring can hurt more than a break...well it is true!!

I will admit that I have had a lot of problems accepting this handicap!!  I am not a one that loves to sit!!  I love to go and go and go!!  This has certainly dampened my activities  since I cannot walk.  I have a really great wheelchair...if there is a great wheelchair!!  I am learning how to get aound in it quite well.  BUT I still want to is not going to happen anytime soon.

I am in my 3rd week..almost 4th...but I think I have yet another 2-3 weeks to go.  Mike is doing great with his bi-lateral knee replacement!!  He is having a tough time right now but we were told that this is normal for this amount of time.  I just hope and pray that soon he gets all better.  Will make me feel better too!!

My brother is here now visiting with our parents.  Dad seems to be doing well...we all know that this is short-lived but we go now one day at a time and be thankful for this!!

Spring is trying hard to come here in Illinois!!  Spring was always my favorite season.  I miss the Savannah flowers and the warmer weather.  Cannot have both!!

Hopefully everyone is doing great in blog land.  I have been so lazy on blogging and on reading blogs.  I don't know why I cannot seem to do it anymore.  I love knowing that everyone that I have met over this past 6 years are doing great!! 

Thought for the day: 

 Life is short.....  forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile