Sunday, December 5, 2010

My week

I am so happy that this week is over and a new one is up and coming!!  I am praying that it will be a better week than this past week.  It was a stressful week but it is where I am now.  This is the new season of my life and I have to learn to understand it!! 

Last week started out with my Dad going to have surgery.  I went down to Tuscola to be there for them.  The night before the surgery Dad just went someplace else in his mind!!  Mother had been trying to make him sleep but it was not working.  I finally got in on the fun and finally about 90 minutes to 2 hours and everyone was asleep!!  It was a very bad night!!  I hope that I am wrong!!  I think that dad is getting alzheimers!!  He keeps saying that he does not want it.  I so hope that he does not have it.  Mother is trying her best to care for him.  She is amazing!!  I don't know how long I could keep doing that if it were me.   Incidentally, we did cancel the operation!  He does not need that now!!


Becky bought the new electronic monopoly!!  We had great fun!!  They have really upgraded it with new properties; a debit and credit card that you slide; you only work with millions and thousands of dollars; when you go past GO it is 2 Million now...Guess this is because of inflation..Ya think?
It was a lot of fun!!  Even the tokens that you pass around the board are new and different!! 

This last Friday the 3rd we had our 1st snow...BIG one too.  The kids had never seen snow fall so it was a wonderful day for them.  We adults were just thinking about cleaning off the car and trying to stand up!!  Well, guess that was me wondering about standing up.  I do not seem to do that very well anymore.  With this snow I was really worried about fallling!!  I just DO NOT need to fall again!! 

I thought this was a great picture of Garrett...very happy with his 1st snow!!  They played and played. 
Back in the Fall when we were all going to garage sales, Becky found this nice Craftsman Snow blower.  She picked it up for $75.00...boy were we happy to have it!!  Look at it throw that silly snow!!  It was very cold...and still is!!

This is the McCoys tree this year...They collect nut crackers.  They have several of them now.  I love the fireplace.  Keeps us warm here!!

The guys are working on our apt again this afternoon.  We now have the surround walls for our shower.  They are trying to get that in too!!  Soon we can paint.  Mike keeps thinking that we will get there by Christmas but well I hope so..i hope that he is right!! 

We attended our granddaughter's performace last night!!  She sang in the madrigals that her school presents!!  It was very good. With all of this snow we were afraid that we could not go but we did get to go!  I did not take pictures which was bad for this grandma to have done!!  I was so busy watching and enjoying it all.  We had a great meal.  So glad that we had the opportunity to go.  Katie is a Senior this year!!  She is having the time of her life.  I love seeing her have so much fun!!  Senior year should be like and hope for the future!!

The kids are out sledding this afternoon.  There is a big hill that they go too.  These Southern raised kids are enjoying the snow.  I have a roast on in the crock pot.  That is my contribution for the day!!  Smile.

Have a Blessed day!!

Handle your present with confidence.  Prepare for the future without fear.  Keep the faith and drop the fear. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting Old--

How do you feel about getting OLD!!??  Happy or just a tad bit SAD or unhappy?  Seems to me like I never though much about getting old like I have this year!! 65 has seemed to be like an age of changes and of seeing myself looking and definitely feeling OLD!!  With each new year I usually feel some difference especially since turning 50, but this year I notice that there has been a BIG change!!

I thought that one could get pretty discouraged if you let yourself...OR...You could look at it on the BRIGHT SIDE!!  What are the advantages?  There has to be some or is there?

I definitely can tell you the disadvantages easier than I can the good side of getting OLD!!  Think and see if you can come up with a good list for getting a bit older....

Hm..Let's see hopefully I can think of a couple...Getting older gets you a Senior Discount at restaurants, clothing stores and some other places.  Remember when you wanted to so badly be a Senior in high school..then you thought you would have arrived?  Once you got there you realized that you really had not arrived...just got older and quickly thrown out into this crazy world with all the responsiblities that you were not really ready for....Well now we are Seniors again.  This time it is really different!!!

I always thought as you aged that people would give you more RESPECT Somedays I think that respect has gone out the window.  Then somedays I feel like it is back!! 

I believe that you do gain a lot of WISDOM as you age!!  Knowing what to do with it can be the next problem.  I have gained quite a lot I believe. The wisdom that I believe I have gained as definitely came from learning and studying the Bible.  God has placed so many wonderful words of faith, hope, and Joy into his pages.  Studying them will help you to gain and understand life.  God wants us to live in His world in peace and happiness.    I do not worry like I used too.  I finally figured it out that worry never hurts anyone except yourself.  THEN why do it?  God is there to handle our problems anyway..RIGHT?  Wisdom comes from God!!

Guess getting SOCIAL SECURITY is a plus!!  Not that it is a fortune but it is better than NOT getting anything at all!!  MEDICARE  I am not sure about still but I guess it is good to have also.  I know the younger people are saying that there will be no Social Security left for them when they reach the good old retiring age.  I don't know about that.  Just thankful that we get some now when we really need it.

Old Age Insults:
You are so old, the candles on your birthday cake raised earths temperature by 3 degrees.
You are so old, when you were a kid rainbows were black and white.
You are so old, you fart dust.
You are so old, you sat next to Jesus in school.
You are so old, you walked into an antique shop and they sold you.
You are so old, your birth-certificate expired.
You are so old, if you to acted your age, you'd die.

I am sure that there are other advantages...leave me a comment with some new ones!!  Waiting to hear!!

Hope you are well in your part of the world.....


A reporter was interviewing a 104 year-old woman: "And what do you think is
the best thing about being 104?" the reporter asked.

She simply replied, "No peer pressure."

Monday, November 8, 2010

It is November 8th and today the temp got to around 70 degrees!!  This has been a most beautiful Fall!!  It is like God is saying well since you just returned from the beautiful South we will let you have some GREAT weather before the COLD and NASTY stuff comes blowing in!!  Thank you God if that is what you are thinking!!  I know, I know, I am not at all that special!!  It is nice to think so if just for a couple of minutes!!

Yes this is ME...the middle age goddess!!

We had a fun Halloween here.  I think it is one of the first times in years that I HAVE HAD fun!!  I had seen a very ugly mask in Tuscola.  It was kind of expensive so I decided to wait.  By the next week, it was 50% and it was mine!!  Everyone else here was putting on makeup and trying so hard but I just had 3 things for my outfit!!  I put the mask on; took my black shawl and tired it around my neck then put a blanket on my knees.  I sat in a rocking chair with the candy.  I sat there rocking back and forth.  When a child would come up, I would cackle as best as I could and tell them that I loooovvvve to eat  children.  Then I would shake so badly that I sometimes missed their candy baskets!!  It was such fun!!  I, unfortunately made one little girl cry!!  Made me feel horrible!!  WE did have our pictures taken a lot!!  We had one family that came around that I thought was very ingenious and cool!!  They were all dressed like the characters in Wizard of Oz!! 
We just had the best of Halloween's....I want to have fun like this again next year!!  The house was all decorated on the outside.  Just a fun time!!

The guys have been working on our apartment downstairs!!  It takes a lot of the inside work before the good stuff starts showing up.  We do now finally have the dining/room kitchen all dry walled and the kitchen cabinets.  We bought this cute little white 5 ft fridge (If a refrig can be "cute).  It is just little but it will have enough room in it for just us!! I am so ready to get moved down there but it is still going to be a bit!!

Isn't this going to be a cute kitchenett!!???  Mike got the Korian counterpot and molded twin sinks that would have cost $1500.00...very inexpensively.  The customer did not like them because there was no they returned them. They had them marked down to $300 and some dollars.  Mike saw them at Lowes and asked if they were just going to get rid of them.  The lady said that he could have them and what price did he want to pay.  He told her $50.00!!  She said great!!  We now have a great countertop and double sinks.Our little frig is not in this picture but it goes to the left of these cabinets!!  I can hardly wait to get all moved down there.  Mike is hoping by Christmas!!  YES!!!

Hope all is well in blogging land!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun on the Farm

Fall is here.  What do you think about when you think of Fall?  Well, here in Illinois I know it is falling leaves; pumpkins, corn, pumpkin pie, apples and apple cider!! 

I love to decorate for Fall.  This past weekend our daugher, Becky and two kids, Madison and Garrett decided that we needed to go visit an apple farm.  

We found one not very far from us!!  The kids were so excited to be able to go somewhere to run and have a fun day!!

Once we got there and paid our money to come in, we noticed that it was just a big family farm that had been turned into things for city kids to do.  Funny how the things that I grew up with in the country are now fun things for kids to do..Plus their parents have to pay for it!!  My brother and I did a lot of things that were there yesterday.  We did not know then that what we were doing just to have fun would someday have parents PAYING so that their children would know about what we did every day!!

They had a mock (hay loft) where the kids jumped into hay!!  Big hay bales were decorated and made into this really high castle that you can climb all the way to the top.  They even took a big black farm tile and constructed it into a big slide.  Kids were running all over just loving this 'New adventure.'  Seemed so odd to me to sit there and see all of this stuff. 

There were alpacas, an old donkey, baby goats that were just born about 3 days ago, a big sow that was feeding her babies and chickens (not my favorite animal)!!  I never liked them when I was growing up.  Still don't!! 

There were tons of mums; pumpkins, and gourds.  I remember when my dad would grow grouds over the out house!!  They grew really well there of course!!  Maddie and Garrett were so happy to see all of the shapes.  Madison bought a big one and called him "Gordon, The Gourd". 

We ended up bringing back some gourds, pumpkins and ate some pumpkin donuts and some cider. 

There was also a Corn Maze.  I used to play in the corn and probably almost got lost a lo of times but this was the first time I had ever been in one like this.  I would never have gotten out of there without our fearless leader, Becky.  I am not a directional person at all but she can get almost anywhere...even through a corn field. I just followed..Garrett ran around throwing corn cobs which he called Kernel Corn (??).  I got this cute picture of him..
Where's Waldo..I mean Garrett

The wind was blowing right across the prairie but the day was just gorgeous!!  We have had the prettiest October!!  I think it is God's way of giving us here in the Midwest a great month before the terrible winter sets in. 

                                                      Garrett really was happy..this is just him!!

I really LOVE the Fall!!  I guess I never knew just how much until I have moved back to it!!  I am still not
ready for what is ahead!! 

Have a great October everyone!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Fun

Mike and Roger very seldom have time off from work at the same time so today we opted to stay home from church.  I don't like to do that but I know that our apt downstairs is never going to get ready for us without them working!! 

Becky had them come help her for awhile outside!!  She had bought some cute Halloween items at Big Lots (her favorite store).  Roger, Becky and Mike worked getting the cute spiders attached to the garage.  Becky named them Jack and Jill which I think are very cute for these two furry creatures.   They have red eyes too!!  Good spiders!!  (I don't like spiders!!)

It was fun to watch them put all of this up!!  People as they drove by took a second look!!  Fun to watch that!!  Roger had collected a couple of big bags of spanish moss from Savannah last weekend when they were there!!  Now it is all over the house; the trees and the door of the house.  I don't think it will stay there long but it is really spooky looking!!

Jack and Jill on the garage with their spider web home!!

Today is a special day as it is the only 10-10-10 that any of us will ever see!!  The next one is in 400 years so I am not sure that any of us will see that one!!  Today many couples were getting married at 10:10 so that they could say all of the tens in years to come.."Remember when we were married?"

Not much else left here to blog about.  Wanted to share the pictures.  Will share them on facebook too.

Thought for the day: 
Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Husband

Those of you that have been reading my blog all along over this 5-6 years know how much I treasure my husband.  Sometimes I wonder why God looked down on me as a 16 year old girl and blessed me with the nicest, sweetest and very kind boy!! 
I had never really dated.  Some guys asked me out for a school dance, but most of them were not the best looking or the most popular guys in the school.  I always accepted because I hated to hurt anyones feelings.
When I met Mike he was so shy!!  The first time I saw him he had his head bent so low that you would think it was uncomfortable!!  He was just that way!!  Funny, I am just the opposite!!  Guess we were good for each other...opposites least I have always heard that!! 
Another PLUS for me was that Mike was so handsome!!  I had been so used to those geeky guys with the big ears....I kept wondering how could I be so lucky!!
Since it has been almost 47 years(married that is), I have been so fortunate to have found the best of all husbands, the best of all men and the best that God could have sent to me!!  He is a humble, lover of God, a special man especially to me.
As we age, it seems like we talk more.  He loves me so much!!  I just feel blessed!!  He knows what I am thinking even before I say it!  I have heard that about couples that are close but never thought I would have that great relationship!! 
I just felt like I needed to get this written down. I feel really blessed today!!  God has been looking out for this girl!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maddie is Twelve

October 1st was our youngest granddaughter, Madison 12th birthday!!  These kids are really growing up and making us get older and older by the minute!!  Smile!!  Funny thing this year...Maddie being our youngest granddaughter being 12 at the same time our oldest granddaughter, Brie is 21!!  Guess this will not ever happen again!!  Just a funny something!! 

Maddie wanted to go to Olive Garden for supper!  She and her friend Brittany got all dressed up in nice dresses. Brittany sister, Brooke, is the tom boy of the group and she just flies by the seat of her pants and really does not care!!  They both really fight over Madison!!  Nice to be the one in between!! 
We did have a great time even though that is an expensive place to go to eat for dinner!!  The girls were very happy!! 

We came home and had cake and ice cream and of course opened up her presents!!  She got a lot of money!!  Wish that I was 12 again if I could get that kind of money!! 

The next day mommy and daddy took off for Savannah.  Gpa and I were left with two kids.  Garrett worked with Gpa in the basement working on our apt.  Madison and I went shopping!!  She is really a tight little lady!!  She only bought a pair of shoes and that was all.  We ate lunch and finally around 4:00 made it back to home.  We bought material, pattern and etc to make her a Halloween costume.  We got some of it cut out today and a seam done!!  I have not cut out a pattern I bet in 30 years!!  boy it is hard to get back into once again!!  I hope this turns out okay.  It is just a costume but even at that it cost a lot to buy!! Will post a picture IF it turns out all right!!

Today we have just had a good day with the kids.  Mommy and Daddy should be home Tuesday from down south.  Guess it is 65 there tonight and 45 here!!  Oh well, we are in Illinois now!!  wonderful!! 


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Festival

Years ago when we lived here every Fall we seemed to always end up in Clinton at the Apple & Pork Festival.  It is just a short drive from our home.  Yesterday morning, Becky and I decided that it was time to go back again!!  Both guys were at work so we took the two chillins' and off we went. 

First of all you must know that this involves a LOT of people, cars and most of all WALKING!!  With my knee I was wondering how I would do but you know it was fine. 

We got there after stopping at McDonalds to pick up something to eat for the kids.  They are always hungry...then off we went...oh and gasoline for the car...then off we went.

The place was just like we remembered.  We parked in a big open yard that someone had turned into an instant parking lot.  We paid to park but knew that was a better option.  We started walking from the farm to the festival.  Along the way the kids were excited that we were walking beside a bean field..some excitement!!  If you had never been that close to one...then I guess it could be exciting!!  Pick a dried bean and see what is really in it!!...a BEAN!!

Garrett was constantly stopping and picking up the rust colored willie worms!!  I know their color means something..whether or not we have a cold or a snowy winter...cannot remember the right colors.  These were all rusty orange!!  He was carrying them and then throwing them at us.  They would stick on our clothes!!  He thought that was great!!  Anything that aggravates he is right there with it!!

Finally after all of the walking we got to the Taffy Apples, Funnel Cakes (yum), the corn on the cob, cornbread and beans, kettle corn and coney dogs!!  That is where most of our money went too..eating!!  We looked at all of the vendors!!  This year there seemed to be more of them.  I finally got me a magnetic bracelet which I really like!!  Maddie got a magnetic necklace.  Garrett ended up with a football (BEARS) of course!! 

Must not forget the marshmallow shooters!!  Someone decided to use pipes and make this weird little device that once you blow it you can shoot tiny marshmallows at people!!  fun for the kids but for mommy and grandma...well guess what..we were the targets!!

 We stayed for about 4 hours and by that time even Becky was ready to go home.  I figured if she was tired I must be about to fall apart!!  Smile!! 
We had that long walk back by the bean field and the ditch.  Oh I forgot Garrett had fun learning how to throw a hachet!!  He actually hit the target and made it stick 4 times and also split a card into!!  I think he really liked that...something new with a point or a blade that is what he loves!!

As we were driving home the sprinkles came.  Guess we had perfect timing for a change.  Stopped at the DQ and got a small blizzard and then happily came home. Great to sit down once again!!

What a fun day!!  Fall is the best of all the seasons followed closely by Spring...for me that is!!  I have not been in the 4 seasons for over 9 years and it was fun for a change.  I am not so very sure about the next Season coming!!  That is the dreaded one for me.

Go and enjoy some Fall!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

God's Blessings in Our lives!!

I have been wanting to write down the wonderful blessings that have been happening to Mike and I over the last 6 weeks and have not had the time to do so.  I am sitting here now in Normal, Illinois in the home of our daughter and family listening to the kids play outside..mostly fight!!  Over the last few weeks we have watched God's hand be in everything in our lives...In the BIG things and in the tiny bitty things!!  We know that only God can do these things as we could not do them if we tried....

First off we had orginially moved to Savannah to be near our then little grandkids.  We had wanted them to know their grandma and grandpa.  We think that is very important for children.  Maybe even more so in these days.  We moved in May of 2001.  We had a time at first but God showed up then just like He has done now.

Then in July of this year after living in Savannah for 9 years and loving it our kids and family decided that they needed to move their kids now in the 4th and 6th grades into better schools.  Savannah really does need better schools.  They decided that moving BACK to Illinois would be the best thing for the kids.  Off they moved in July and back to Normal again.

Mike and I then felt like we were alone although we were not as we had a great church, small group and friends.  We prayed that God would step in and move us IF it was what he wanted us to do.

About 3 weeks after the kids left Mike came home from work saying that he had seen a job posting in Bloomington, Illinois in the same position that he was already in. That night he applied on line.  It was very stressful but finally after most of the night he got his resume and cover letter sent to Bloomington.

Just a few days later he got a phone interview from Bloomington.  He found out that two other people were also interviewed!!  We waited as patiently as we could, praying all of the time.  Finally one Sunday after church, we went out to eat.  The phone rang and Mike answered.  He was offered the job and of course said YES!!

We came home that afternoon and began packing. They wanted him at work in Illinois on Saturday, Sept 11th.  That gave us 2 weeks to pack, have a garage sale and then load up the truck.  Also we still had our home in Savannah and it had not sold in 3 years.  We set about trying to figure out what we could do.  We found a friend at our church that takes homes that just will not sell and leases them to a family on a 3 year lease.  This way we could move and he would make sure the house was okay.  When you move 1000 miles from your home how can you make sure it is taken care of!!??  He came the day we were moving and put up tons of signs.

We signed the lease with our friend.  The same weekend a couple stopped by and said that they felt like they needed to turn down our street.  We took them through our home.  We felt like God had sent them..BUT no not this time...He was making us wait again!!

We had our small group people come in that last week we were in Savannah and they plus our good neighbor Tootsie to help us pack (I find notes from her all of the time in our packed boxes)!!  We got all packed and then started setting up the garage sale.  We knew that we had to make enough money for the gas to get to Illinois with the garage sale.  We sold most all of our large furniture for a fraction of what they were worth.  We felt like at this age that we had better try not to take too many heavy articles in this move!!  We are considerably older now and did not need to lift anymore than we just HAD to lift.

We had a wonderful garage sale!! We had wonderful help again from our small group (Thanks Tammy and Tootsie).  They were great in helping us.  We worked hard and made $700.00.  Just enought money for the gas in 3 vehicles.  Also during this time we needed more drivers.  Our son in law, Bill and our granddaughter, Emilyfrom Illlinois flew down to Jacksonville.  They helped us drive.

Another miracle at our garage sale which was a BIG ONE for that we found a home for our outside cat, Sammy!!  Mike was very attached to Sammy.  We knew that we could not take him. We were already taking our inside cat, Annie with us.  Almost at the end of the sale these people walked up and were talking to Sammy.  Mike said, "Do you want a nice cat?"  They thought about it and told us that they had lost their cat of almost 20 years.  Mike said that if they took Sam then he would throw in the porch swing (Sammy's favorite place to sit), his carrier, food and of course papers!!  They were happy and took Sammy with them.  We were both so relieved as we dd not want to just drive away and leave him!!

Our Sammy

We had our Penske truck, our car which we hooked onto the back of the motorhome and Mike's white Dodge to drive back to Illinois.  We took our motorhome out of storage in Savannah.  Now we needed someplace to put it.  We called our daughter back in Normal.  She set about looking for us.  It took a while but finally she found a place where a place had just been cleared out.  They had not had a place for a motor home in over 2 years and now they had one!!  See another answer!!

We were really worrying that the truck that we had rented to move our stuff was going to be too small. We had rented a 16 ft.  We needed to keep that size to save $200.00.  In the end all of our things fit right into it just like they should..Another blessing!!

At the garage sale we had things left over. We were getting ready to box it all up and take it away when a lady drove up and said that she would take it all..GREAT!!  We loaded it all up for her!!  That solved our problem and I hope helped her.

That Saturday night we wanted to go to Saturday night church and try to say good-bye to everyone that we could.  It was hard.  I ended up crying but made it through.  We thought we were going out to eat with Dean and Les but we found out that they were having a going away party for us.  We had a great time and so enjoyed seeing people.  This is the hardest part about mvoing!! They were and are a SUPER GROUP!!

The next morning Sunday,our small group, Tootsie and Pat and more friends came to our home.  We all formed a human chain down our steps and out into the garage.  We cleared out the up stairs really quick doing this.  Plus it was fun!!

Tootsie had came over during the week taking all of our plants; stone figurines and our windmill.  By the end of the week the front of our home was in the front of hers. 
After everyone packed our moving truck, we all formed a circle and everyone prayed for us.  That was just a very special time for us.  I loved it!!  We felt so loved!!  Another blessing!! 

During the week before our move we were sitting watching TV in our living room.  I reached up and felt my front tooth.  It had broken all the way from bottom to top!!  I had to get to the dentist immediately and then get new teeth.  It was just amazing at how quickly I got in and they were able to get new teeth made.  One funny thing happened.  They were to be in on a Wednesday.  The lady at the dentist called me and said that UPS had los them!!  Oh great..lost teeth!!  The next day she called and they had found them.   The dentist and his assistant came in on Friday (their day off) and got me all fixed up with 2 new front teeth!!  I didn't even have to wait until Christmas!!  Another blessing!!

Things just keep going on like this one after the other.  God was working for us by sending his great angels in the form of friends and family!! 

The morning that we were to leave, we got up and started trying to clean up our home.  We were already so tired and HOT!!  Oh were we HOT!!  I think almost every day we went through at least 3-4 shirts!!  WHEW!!  Anyway, we got up and went back into the house to clean.  About that time I heard Dean our small group leader coming in the door with orange juice and doughnuts!!  He stepped right in and started cleaning right along with me.

Dean cleaning!!
Now even after moving we have had so many more blessings.  One very special one was the leasing of our home in Savannah.  Mike had been talking to our friend about leasing and the people that he had been showing the house too.  He said that he thought one person was going to sign a lease soon.  One night I was talking to my friend (and blogging friend) on facebook.  She wondered if I knew this man.  He was the one that was taking care of our home.  I finally called her and wonders of all wonders I found out that SHE and her family were the ONES that were going to be leasing our home!!  How can that be except through God!!  He is the one that makes things happen.  He is the one who knows what is going to happen in our lives and He is the one that we need to learn to wait for and pray for all of our needs.  Not just the BIG ones but those little ones that you think no one ever thinks about except you!!  We have learned so many lessons.  We have learned to have patience and to wait on the Lord!!  These have been great lessons.  We know there are more of these tests, trials and lessons that we will be learing.  But we know now that God cares for us and will see us through.  This is the best place to be in this LIFE.  Right in the middle of God's will..where else does anyone ever want to be???

God is Good all the Time!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

We arrive in Illinois

Sitting here with my feet up because they hurt so bad!!  We have been so busy since arriving here this past Tuesday!!  We had a good trip from Georgia.... driving 3 vehicles!!  Bill and Emily flew down from Illinois and helped us drive!!  We took a different route this time.  It was a very scenic route!!  Northern North Carolina is a great state and very beautiful!!  The moutains are gorgeous!!  One morning Emily slept in and I had to drive the Penske truck.  I do not like driving trucks.  I drove through the mountains and had a fun time.  It was not as hard as i thought it would be!!  Those mountains in the early morning with the fog on them were just beautiful1!  I have always loved moutains!! 

We are now set up in one bedroom!!  We have our bed and a dresser and a nice closet!!  Mike and Roger are thinking and planning on how to re do the basement for us.  It has about 900 sq. ft.  We hopefully will have a bedroom, living room, bathroom and a small kitchen...also our washer and dryer!!  It will be a while before this is done but we wait!!   For now we are just hanging here.  I do love being around the kids and Roger and Becky!!  They are a great family. 

This home is beautiful and comfy!!  When you come in the back room from the garage they have lockers there for each person...and guess what ....there are 6 lockers!!  Becky put our names on each locker.  Great to have because your purse and anything that you want just goes into your locker.  I will post a picture later once I take one to show you what a great idea some one had!! 

The weather has been excellent!!  We went to garage sales yesterday just to go!!  I found some good things only for a small amount of coin!!  Becky and I had fun!!  She is quite the one to go with!!  She plots it all out and then we GO!!!

Mike started his new job at the new Lowe's here in Bloomington today!!  Since it is today (9-11) he will remember the day that he started!!  I hope he has as great of a success as he did in Georgia.

I am going to miss Savannah!!  I loved the South!! I always will!!  I have always felt like I needed to live there.  I got 9 good years there and made so many many friends.  I miss them all now!!  Someday I hope to be able to go back!! 

That is about it from here.  God has been so good to us in the past month!!  I love knowing that Mike and I are in the center of God's will!! It is a pleasant and peaceful place to be!!  God is so good!! He knew our hearts and he answered.  All we had to do was to wait and follow what He wanted us to do.


Quote for the day:
"Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point."