Saturday, September 11, 2010

We arrive in Illinois

Sitting here with my feet up because they hurt so bad!!  We have been so busy since arriving here this past Tuesday!!  We had a good trip from Georgia.... driving 3 vehicles!!  Bill and Emily flew down from Illinois and helped us drive!!  We took a different route this time.  It was a very scenic route!!  Northern North Carolina is a great state and very beautiful!!  The moutains are gorgeous!!  One morning Emily slept in and I had to drive the Penske truck.  I do not like driving trucks.  I drove through the mountains and had a fun time.  It was not as hard as i thought it would be!!  Those mountains in the early morning with the fog on them were just beautiful1!  I have always loved moutains!! 

We are now set up in one bedroom!!  We have our bed and a dresser and a nice closet!!  Mike and Roger are thinking and planning on how to re do the basement for us.  It has about 900 sq. ft.  We hopefully will have a bedroom, living room, bathroom and a small kitchen...also our washer and dryer!!  It will be a while before this is done but we wait!!   For now we are just hanging here.  I do love being around the kids and Roger and Becky!!  They are a great family. 

This home is beautiful and comfy!!  When you come in the back room from the garage they have lockers there for each person...and guess what ....there are 6 lockers!!  Becky put our names on each locker.  Great to have because your purse and anything that you want just goes into your locker.  I will post a picture later once I take one to show you what a great idea some one had!! 

The weather has been excellent!!  We went to garage sales yesterday just to go!!  I found some good things only for a small amount of coin!!  Becky and I had fun!!  She is quite the one to go with!!  She plots it all out and then we GO!!!

Mike started his new job at the new Lowe's here in Bloomington today!!  Since it is today (9-11) he will remember the day that he started!!  I hope he has as great of a success as he did in Georgia.

I am going to miss Savannah!!  I loved the South!! I always will!!  I have always felt like I needed to live there.  I got 9 good years there and made so many many friends.  I miss them all now!!  Someday I hope to be able to go back!! 

That is about it from here.  God has been so good to us in the past month!!  I love knowing that Mike and I are in the center of God's will!! It is a pleasant and peaceful place to be!!  God is so good!! He knew our hearts and he answered.  All we had to do was to wait and follow what He wanted us to do.


Quote for the day:
"Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point."


  1. It sounds like y'all are settling in nicely. You look like you belong behind the wheel of that truck :-))

    You will always be a Southern Belle.

    Hugs {{{{{{ Sandy }}}}}}

  2. I am glad you're safe and happy!!!!

  3. Hi Sandy, I am glad that you and Mike are settled in your new home with your family.I can picture you driving a truck thro the mountains...

    I love your new header for the Fall.. did you design it yourself?? How do you like using Comcast for your server?? Is it faster than Bellsouth??

    Enjoy your week-end and new church..
    Hugs, Barb