Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Festival

Years ago when we lived here every Fall we seemed to always end up in Clinton at the Apple & Pork Festival.  It is just a short drive from our home.  Yesterday morning, Becky and I decided that it was time to go back again!!  Both guys were at work so we took the two chillins' and off we went. 

First of all you must know that this involves a LOT of people, cars and most of all WALKING!!  With my knee I was wondering how I would do but you know it was fine. 

We got there after stopping at McDonalds to pick up something to eat for the kids.  They are always hungry...then off we went...oh and gasoline for the car...then off we went.

The place was just like we remembered.  We parked in a big open yard that someone had turned into an instant parking lot.  We paid to park but knew that was a better option.  We started walking from the farm to the festival.  Along the way the kids were excited that we were walking beside a bean field..some excitement!!  If you had never been that close to one...then I guess it could be exciting!!  Pick a dried bean and see what is really in it!!...a BEAN!!

Garrett was constantly stopping and picking up the rust colored willie worms!!  I know their color means something..whether or not we have a cold or a snowy winter...cannot remember the right colors.  These were all rusty orange!!  He was carrying them and then throwing them at us.  They would stick on our clothes!!  He thought that was great!!  Anything that aggravates he is right there with it!!

Finally after all of the walking we got to the Taffy Apples, Funnel Cakes (yum), the corn on the cob, cornbread and beans, kettle corn and coney dogs!!  That is where most of our money went too..eating!!  We looked at all of the vendors!!  This year there seemed to be more of them.  I finally got me a magnetic bracelet which I really like!!  Maddie got a magnetic necklace.  Garrett ended up with a football (BEARS) of course!! 

Must not forget the marshmallow shooters!!  Someone decided to use pipes and make this weird little device that once you blow it you can shoot tiny marshmallows at people!!  fun for the kids but for mommy and grandma...well guess what..we were the targets!!

 We stayed for about 4 hours and by that time even Becky was ready to go home.  I figured if she was tired I must be about to fall apart!!  Smile!! 
We had that long walk back by the bean field and the ditch.  Oh I forgot Garrett had fun learning how to throw a hachet!!  He actually hit the target and made it stick 4 times and also split a card into!!  I think he really liked that...something new with a point or a blade that is what he loves!!

As we were driving home the sprinkles came.  Guess we had perfect timing for a change.  Stopped at the DQ and got a small blizzard and then happily came home. Great to sit down once again!!

What a fun day!!  Fall is the best of all the seasons followed closely by Spring...for me that is!!  I have not been in the 4 seasons for over 9 years and it was fun for a change.  I am not so very sure about the next Season coming!!  That is the dreaded one for me.

Go and enjoy some Fall!!



  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I've seen those marshmellow shooters but didn't know what it was! lol!

  2. So glad your knee decided to cooperate. Sounds like a fun time. I'm hungry just hearing about all the great fun. I'm not sure if Garrett's ability to throw a hatch is such a blessing. Glad he only throws Willie worms and marshmellows at you. Miss you. Gotcha all prayed up.

  3. so glad things that you are safely at your new location ... and that, like always, our Heavenly Father prepared the way before you!!!!! yay!

  4. So glad you've finally been reunited with the family! I am praying all goes well for you and Mike now! :) Sounds like the festival was lots of fun!