Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving, operations and health problems

I have so many things to write about since I have been so delinquent in my blogging!  My life has been on the up and the down a lot in the past 6 months.  I thought that things were settling down but then they just speeded right up again.  LIFE and welcome to it!!

Our living room before...

We had been trying to get our basement apt done by Christmas.  We did not meet that goal so we headed for my birthday in February!!  In the meantime, we went to an orthopedist about Mike's knees.  They have been bad for such a long time...years in fact!! 

Our living room after...

At the orthopedist we found out that he was bone on bone in his knees which he figured that he was.  His x-rays showed that both of his knees were bowed.  The doctor said that he definietly needed a knee replacement..both knees.  Mike wanted to get them both replaced.  The doctor tried to discourage us but with both knees so bowed we figured that if one was done he would be walking funny...Plus our insurance is about to change.  All in all we knew this was the BEST time to get this all done and finished.

Mike in the hospital...

Mike and our son-in-laws finished our apt the week before my birthday...our goal was met.  Mike had his surgery set up for the day after my birthday!!  He went in that Monday morning.  A lot of family showed up to show their support.

We had to be there at 5 am.  The hospital where Dr. D operates is about 45 minutes from us.  He told us it was smaller and that he would be able to stay longer. 

That morning we got him admitted and then off to the med/surg floor.  Waiting is the hardest of all to do.  I would almost rather be the patient.  He was in surgery for about 2 hours.  He did great through the surgery.

We had a good stay there at this smaller hospital.  Course I had to travel down a two lane highway every day for 7 days which is how long Mike stayed.  The people were really great, friendly and kind.  Mike was up the same day as the surgery moving his legs.  He walked the next day and then from there he just walked further and further.  He still has to use a walker but I am guessing it is not going to be long!! 

The pain has been unbearable but he has stood it really well.  Actually he has been a good patient.  Now that we are home an even better one.  Very brave!!

The same day that he was coming home my mother called saying that they were taking my dad to the hospital.  I was so torn..which way do I go.  Our youngest daughter went to be with her gma and gpa which really helped me.  I went to the hospital and brought Mike home that same day.  He was glad to be home.  Back to our little apt that he has fixed up for us.

My dad and Mother before the hospital stay...

My dad was in the hosptial a few days only to find out that he has a bleeding ulcer.  They have tested it and found that the ulcer is a tumor and it is malignant.  He came home this past week.  Tomorrow I am going with them to see the cancer doctor in Mattoon.  I don't know what we are going to find out of course, but I know that we have all opted for him NOT to have anythng radical done.  At the ripe old age of 92 that seems to be the LAST thing that he needs done to him.  I guess you know that something has to end your life one of these days and now my dad knows.  I think that he is probably glad about this.  He has been wanting to die for such a long time now. His quality of life sort of stinks!!  I know that God knows that but of course we do not know.  We have to live every moment for what we can get out of our life.  God takes care of the rest.

We are now here in our little cute and cozy apartment.  I really love it.  I have put some pictures here for you to see. The guys did such a great job down here.  We have 3 rooms and a nice sized bathroom.  WE do have 2 windows.  Our bedroom has no windows so that makes it a great place to sleep in.  The problem is you never know the time unless you look at the clock of course.  If you are ever in our area stop by and see us.  We love company!!
Thought for the day:  "
Our job is obedience.
God's job is results.

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  1. It's a good thing Mike had both his knees done at the same time because he might not have wanted to go back! lol My friend June had one done last year and now she needs to have the other one done but is procrastinating because she went through such a rough time with the first one. Her's are like Mike's, bone on bone. Prayers that Mike completely recovers 100% with his new knees:-)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, dear Sandy, but I agree with you, at 92 years old one certainly doesn't need to start having chemo and/or radiation treatments! I could never understand why some people that age would even think of having treatments. Just cherish the time he does have left!!

    Love your living room, it looks so cozy and warm:-) I'm so glad to hear that you love your little apartment and no doubt the family loves having you and your hubby around!! xoxo