Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My view for the next 6 weeks!!

Here I sit with my right let up in the air on two big pillows!!  It is all wrapped up in a splint now until my incision heals.  After that I get the staples out and a beautiful cast put on!!  I have been out of the hospital since Friday!!  What a life I am leading!!

Here is Annie, our cat...she sits on my lap almost all of the time

I cannot stand up so trying to do simple things like go to the bathroom...It is a MAJOR undertaking!! Makes me tired and I am usually sweating by the time I am done!!  Nothing and I mean nothing is easy any longer.
You might be wondering what I did!!  I have been taking care of Mike with his double knee replacement. I was carrying stuff down the steps.  Was going to go back up and make sure that Mike was getting down okay when all of a sudden that bottom step did me in!!  I fell with my right leg going under my bottom. I was screaming but as I looked at my right foot it just took a trip all by itself clear to the right!!  That made me feel very queasy.  I hollered at Mike to get Roger.  Once Roger got to me I was not a happy camper and was really crying and he kept trying to calm me down.  They got me some medication.  Roger said he thought that my ankle or my leg was broken which sent me into more major hysterics.  All I could think about was how was I going to take care of Mike and my dad!!

Roger constructed a cardboard splint and put my right leg into it with ice and then it he used Ace Bandages and wrapped it all up.

We headed out for St. Joes..Can you just imagine how funny I must have looked getting up the steps?  I scooted up each and every step till I got the the kids kitchen.  I then just stayed on my bum and slid to the front door..dusting their tile all of the way!!

Once at the hospital we got to looking at my left foot and noticed that it was swelling pretty good.  OOOPS!! They admitted me finally because my right foot was broken so badly that I would have to have surgery.

Dr. came in that night like around midnight or after.  He told me that he was not sure if my left foot was broken or not.  He would do surgery the next day but while I was out he would look at my left foot.  He told me that IF it were also broken I would be down for 12 weeks!!  WHEW!!

We found out the next day after the surgery that he had a time getting my right foot straight BUT that my left foot is just sprain really bad!! 

I was in the hospital for about 4.5 days.  I came home to scooting down the steps and back to my home.
Also during this whole time..My dad went on Hospice.  They are coming to their apt now.  That makes me feel better since I cannot do a thing to help them any longer.  I will be home bound for 6 weeks. 

Our son Jon and his sweet new wife, Maria came to visit my dad.  We had not met Maria.  They were married in July.  I had so so been wanting to meet her and here I am in the hospital and meeting our new daughter in law!! 

 Mike and I and our son Jon and his wife Maria!! Mike and I look wiped out!!

She was just what I thought she would be!!  Sweet and just a darling lady!!  I had really missed our son, Jon.  When I saw him it made me cry thinking that I have missed him terribly!

So much went on in just that one week of me being in the hospital.  Now being home we have had our apt flood because of a spigot outside that froze over the winter.  We had to move back up stairs while it was being dryed out.

Our 21 year old granddaughter, Brie came to take care of us for a few weeks.  We are quite the team..Mikey and myself!!  He is doing really well but still has more weeks ahead of him to get completely well.  He and I sit in our recliners and watch TV and try to help each other as much as we can.  What a fun couple!!

Thanks to all of you who have or are still praying for all of us!!  We have a lot going on now but with your great prayers, cards and phone calls things are going to be okay!!

Thought for the day: 
The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling.  And even more beautiful, is knowing that you are the reason behind it!!


  1. Glad you are back at home but sorry to hear all that has been going on. Somewhere in there I just know are blessings.:) Your son and daughter in law make a beautiful couple!

  2. I am and have been praying for you. Sending you much love and hope for a very speedy recovery.

    ;-) Susan

  3. Well my goodness, Sandy, I can't leave you alone for one minute, look at what you do to yourself! lol What a thing to happen and I can't even imagine the pain you were in!! It really is all you needed, isn't it:-( It's in times like these that we're thankful for family members being able to come over to take care of us. My prayers are with both you and Mike, may you both heal fully! It's also wonderful that your dad is now on Hospice, at least you know he's being well taken care of. Your new DIL is beautiful and no doubt was happy to finally meet you both:-) xoxo