Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is Me again!!

Looks like I have been gone so long that the whole BLOGGER setup has changed!!  Guess that is what you get for being behind like me!!  I am so behind in a lot of things lately.  I think my days have been spent so much differently than they used to be spent!!  I think often at night that I need to blog!!  I can even come up with something to write about and then by morning...well that thought is all gone.

So here I am again trying to get in the habit of blogging!!  I know it is a great habit to be in and I am going to try ONE MORE TIME!!

Time has been flying by here quickly since my dad passed away in May!! I don't know why exactly but it has been just speeding up!! 


Mother is doing really well.  She is keeping busy by volunteering at the museum where she has been for 20 plus years!!  Boy if only she had been paid!!  But that is not the idea there.  She enjoys her work and it keeps her mind filled with things plus it gives her a goal.  We all need that.

We are fitting again into the Illinois life but still miss Savannah!!  I miss my friends and especially my church.  We are in a good church here but need to get more involved.  I am in BSF again and enjoying it as always.  My health has been pretty good.  Both my brother and I went to have tests to make sure that we do not get what our dad had.  I find out about mine this week.  My brother passed his okay.  We both wanted to be pro-active.

We enjoy our little apartment.  I have learned how to use things that I never knew I would be using.  With no stove it has been fun learning how to cook.  I never liked cooking anyway so here I am learning all over again.  I have learned to use my microwave, George Foreman grill, slow cooker and toaster oven more and more.  I can do it but just never liked it!!
I have been sewing and doing some quilting again.  It has been fun.  Our oldest granddaughter has learned to sew.  It was like she did not have to be taught.  She just sat down and sewed.  She seems to love it.  Nice to know that some others are learning to sew in our family.  Some of these crafts are just going to go away if the younger people do not learn them.  It would be a shame!!  I have always loved doing hand crafts and I hope my granddaughters learn.

Mike is doing great!! He really likes his job.  His selling is just wonderful.  He and another PSE (their title at Lowe's) have been given a mobile office now which includes a laptop, printer and an air card.  He can now go to the customers house with everything thing he needs in order to give them what they are looking for.  Great idea.  He wants to retire but he also knows this is a great benefit for him.  We recently purchased a 2004 Jeep for him to be able to get around in.  It also will flat tow behind our motorhome IF and WHEN we ever get to vacation in it!!  

That seems to be about it.  Nothing exciting I know but just the every day stuff that happen to us.  We are both getting older. Mike just celebrated his 67th birthday!!  Now I am the youngest once again but only by 5 months!!  I always seem to catch up!!

The Middle aged goddess


  1. Good to catch up with you and all the things going on in your life!

  2. Make sure you come by my blog today to enter my birthday giveaway and see your princess costume! hehe Will be back later to catch up on your posts:-) xoxo