Saturday, October 15, 2011

My goofy husband!!

Hello all of my old blogging friends...It is I once again!!  I really do miss blogging!!  I am trying to get back to reading all of your blogs!!


As you all know I love and cheish my husband beyond anything. I was praying the other night and thought that everything that some of the attributes that God has I find in my husband.  My husband is kind, caring, takes one day at a time, humble, God fearing, honest, loving, faithful, and my best friend.  When you think about our Savior some of these same attributes come up too.  Course God is God and my hubby is a human being that is full of errors because he is a sinner. 

God is kind, humble, loving, faithful and my best friend...but He is also God.  Ever present; all knowing, Prince of Peace, Savior (MY Savior); Saved me by his grace.

When He first made man we all knew that he did not want man to be alone so he created woman!!  God did not want man to live his whole life with only the animals.  He wanted him to be loved and taken care of.  Seems to me that marriage is so like God.  He made it as He did everything that is good in our lives.  Too bad that Adam and Eve had to go and mess it all up!!  We live with their mistakes every day!!


Lately it seems that I have been praying a lot for people in pain, cancer, alzheimers and many bad problems.  Again, as I was praying I thought, "Just think Jesus died on the cross for our sins and HIS pain was so much greater than ours."  It brought my pain into a better understanding.  I still pray for everyone because I know that God hears.  My pain has been horrible but then again it is not as bad as our Lord experienced on Calvary!!  When I pray I know that He hears me because he knows real pain too!! 


Everyone here is doing just that.  In a way my mother has had to learn a completely new life since May when we lost my dad to cancer.  She is trying to learn to live alone but trying even harder to keep busy.  She is still volunteering in Tuscola entering information into a computer.  She works for the Tuscola Museum now entering data that people hav sent in about going to country schools!!  She is learning how to live a completely different life now.

Madison our new teenager

Our youngest granddaughter, Maddie just turned 13!!  A teenager now!!  I could tell she was getting close because she kept having these rollin' eyes and flipping her hair...Funny to watch this little (used to be a baby the other day) grow up into a young lady. 

Katie and her puppy!
All of the grands are doing that.  The three older girls all have graduated from high school and now are working!!  Brie had to stop for a while from attending nurses training.  We hope soon that she will be returning. She has been working at one of our hospitals here in town.  She is a CNA there.  At least she is getting some training while she waits to return and finish up her goal!!

Katie is 18 and working right now in a nursing home.  She loves it but she is going to try to get into a Jr. college here to study Physical Therapy!!  That is quite a goal because it takes something like 8 years to finish.

Emily is almost 20 now and she is finishing up being a cosmotologist.  She just loves cutting hair.  She said that when she first had scissors in her hand she was very happy and knew what she was to do.  She also has a job to help get all of this paid for.

Our two youngest grandsons are just trying to make it through school right now.  Garrett is 10 and Rick is 11 going on 12 now!!  They are just boys and you know boys!!  Always a bag of fun with them both!!

Quote for today:  "
"You are the only you we will ever have. God didn't create a plan B for your life. We need you to be who you are, to do what only you can do. And to do it now, today, in whatever way you can."

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