Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maddie is Twelve

October 1st was our youngest granddaughter, Madison 12th birthday!!  These kids are really growing up and making us get older and older by the minute!!  Smile!!  Funny thing this year...Maddie being our youngest granddaughter being 12 at the same time our oldest granddaughter, Brie is 21!!  Guess this will not ever happen again!!  Just a funny something!! 

Maddie wanted to go to Olive Garden for supper!  She and her friend Brittany got all dressed up in nice dresses. Brittany sister, Brooke, is the tom boy of the group and she just flies by the seat of her pants and really does not care!!  They both really fight over Madison!!  Nice to be the one in between!! 
We did have a great time even though that is an expensive place to go to eat for dinner!!  The girls were very happy!! 

We came home and had cake and ice cream and of course opened up her presents!!  She got a lot of money!!  Wish that I was 12 again if I could get that kind of money!! 

The next day mommy and daddy took off for Savannah.  Gpa and I were left with two kids.  Garrett worked with Gpa in the basement working on our apt.  Madison and I went shopping!!  She is really a tight little lady!!  She only bought a pair of shoes and that was all.  We ate lunch and finally around 4:00 made it back to home.  We bought material, pattern and etc to make her a Halloween costume.  We got some of it cut out today and a seam done!!  I have not cut out a pattern I bet in 30 years!!  boy it is hard to get back into once again!!  I hope this turns out okay.  It is just a costume but even at that it cost a lot to buy!! Will post a picture IF it turns out all right!!

Today we have just had a good day with the kids.  Mommy and Daddy should be home Tuesday from down south.  Guess it is 65 there tonight and 45 here!!  Oh well, we are in Illinois now!!  wonderful!! 



  1. Oh wow! Doesn't time just fly! My "baby" just turned 19... But now the grands are keeping me young. I don't want to miss out on anything. She is adorable by the way! Enjoy every second... Don't blink!

  2. Sounds like fun. Can't believe she is already 12. Where did the time go?