Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Husband

Those of you that have been reading my blog all along over this 5-6 years know how much I treasure my husband.  Sometimes I wonder why God looked down on me as a 16 year old girl and blessed me with the nicest, sweetest and very kind boy!! 
I had never really dated.  Some guys asked me out for a school dance, but most of them were not the best looking or the most popular guys in the school.  I always accepted because I hated to hurt anyones feelings.
When I met Mike he was so shy!!  The first time I saw him he had his head bent so low that you would think it was uncomfortable!!  He was just that way!!  Funny, I am just the opposite!!  Guess we were good for each other...opposites least I have always heard that!! 
Another PLUS for me was that Mike was so handsome!!  I had been so used to those geeky guys with the big ears....I kept wondering how could I be so lucky!!
Since it has been almost 47 years(married that is), I have been so fortunate to have found the best of all husbands, the best of all men and the best that God could have sent to me!!  He is a humble, lover of God, a special man especially to me.
As we age, it seems like we talk more.  He loves me so much!!  I just feel blessed!!  He knows what I am thinking even before I say it!  I have heard that about couples that are close but never thought I would have that great relationship!! 
I just felt like I needed to get this written down. I feel really blessed today!!  God has been looking out for this girl!!



  1. Awww!!! So sweet!!!! He is a very lucky man! And it's good to hear that you talk more as you get older! Right now Bill is so focused on work so much of the time, it's tough. Great post!!!

  2. What a beautiful testimony! I think he choose you because you were also so sweet and kind. I know my hubby and I are quite the opposite and we've been blessed with 26 years together. There isn't a day I haven't felt loved by him. God is good and I am so happy for you both.

  3. Awww, we have both been fortunate to have godly husbands. How does Mike like the new job?