Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Fun

Mike and Roger very seldom have time off from work at the same time so today we opted to stay home from church.  I don't like to do that but I know that our apt downstairs is never going to get ready for us without them working!! 

Becky had them come help her for awhile outside!!  She had bought some cute Halloween items at Big Lots (her favorite store).  Roger, Becky and Mike worked getting the cute spiders attached to the garage.  Becky named them Jack and Jill which I think are very cute for these two furry creatures.   They have red eyes too!!  Good spiders!!  (I don't like spiders!!)

It was fun to watch them put all of this up!!  People as they drove by took a second look!!  Fun to watch that!!  Roger had collected a couple of big bags of spanish moss from Savannah last weekend when they were there!!  Now it is all over the house; the trees and the door of the house.  I don't think it will stay there long but it is really spooky looking!!

Jack and Jill on the garage with their spider web home!!

Today is a special day as it is the only 10-10-10 that any of us will ever see!!  The next one is in 400 years so I am not sure that any of us will see that one!!  Today many couples were getting married at 10:10 so that they could say all of the tens in years to come.."Remember when we were married?"

Not much else left here to blog about.  Wanted to share the pictures.  Will share them on facebook too.

Thought for the day: 
Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point.

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  1. Hi Sandy, the house looks great decorated for Halloween..I should post some pictures from Julie's house.We will be in Atlanta for a week to celebrate Lily's birthday and for Fred to install an air condition system into the Mother-in-law suite which is over the garage..You know how much I enjoy hanging out with our grands and family.
    Enjoy your week and I hope your knee feels better..hugs, Barb